Training you to successfully recruit and retain staff in the Learning Disability Nursing & Care sector

The Coaching Nurse offers you the opportunity to optimise and enhance your current staff recruitment and retention strategies within the Learning Disability Nursing Sector.

  • Happy staff team

    Recruiting and retaining staff

    Discover, promote, and share the authentic values of your organisation to become the employer of choice and develop a sustainable workforce. The Coaching Nurse provides your staff with the skills to recognise and showcase what makes your organisation stand out from the crowd.

  • Individual coaching

    Your career maintenance

    Make the best of your career with the help of The Coaching Nurse. I can provide you with the tools to plan your future and progress to the next level, or simply to keep your head above water in a stressful work environment and protect yourself from career burn-out.


Want tips on how to successfully retain staff?

The Coaching Nurse is offering you the chance to download a free report entitled, "50 creative hacks to attract & retain staff". The report is full of useful hints and ideas for employers and won't cost you a thing!

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Heike Guilford

The Coaching Nurse

Heike Guilford

My name is Heike Guilford and I am the Managing Director of The Coaching Nurse. I feel fortunate to have been part of changing futures for people with Intellectual Disabilities for 20 years and counting.

I encourage you to take the time to read through my credentials and experience before you choose to commission my services.

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